Latest News 2019

Grade 8 Yellows vs Bass Hill

Paul Strecker took some great photos of the game.

Registrations for 2019 open

Welcome to the 2019 season from the Committee of Padstow United. Registrations are now open under a new system at Play Football. It is a greatly improved system that can be used on mobile devices and one account can manage multiple FFA accounts which is very helpful. Support for the new system can be found here.

To register, go to the Play Football website and click Register Now. Find our club by searching for Padstow United, Padstow or 2211. You can also go directly here.

The early bird discount is now available and will end on the 24th of February. Please register now to access the discount.

Also, if you would like to use an Active Kids voucher please apply for that online at Service NSW. The voucher is needed before commencing registration to receive the $100 discount.